Lingwistix is an American-born Pacardi politician, linguist, political commentator, Pokémon master, musician, and writer.

He is Pacardia's Chancellor of Culture, Head of the Chathan Academy, and a member of BTP Stoop Kids.

Political CareerEdit

Lingwistix is the incumbent Chancellor of Culture, a member of the Council of Chancellors of Pacardia, the executive branch.

Lingwistix is also the host of The Lingwistix Factor on Fox News Pacardia.

Linguistic CareerEdit

Lingwistix developed the constructed language Chathan. It was adopted by speakers of a former Germanic dialect continuum across Pacardia as a standardized form of communication, becoming of of the national languages alongside English.

As the creator of Chathan, Lingwistix is also the Head of the Chathan Academy.

Pokémon CareerEdit

A Pokémon master and veteran to the sport, Lingwistix has ventured across the regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova.

Lingwistix was the one to first propose a Pacardi Pokémon League, due to the country's abundance of the creatures.

Musical CareerEdit

Lingwistix is a member of several Pacardi bands, playing genres ranging across different varieties of alternative rock, hip hop, metal, and electronic music. The acts he is in are as follows:

BTP Stoop Kids



Söuldiers öf Fire

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