The state of Almina, like all other Dragoonish states, contains places with names of Parkufo origin; the name of Almina itself, in this case, is derived from the word Allamanna, the name of a Parkufo tribe that lived in the area before English-speaking settlers arrived. Below is a list of place names in Almina with names of Parkufo origin.


  • Allamina County and Almina County: Directly and indirectly named after the Allamanna tribe, respectively. Allamina County's name is a corruption of the tribe's name, while Almina County is named after the state, which was named after the tribe (the spelling Almina is said to be a big corruption of the tribe's name).
  • Bennewell County: From a native word for "corner (by the river)"
  • Chanauga County: Means "where the river valley meets the hills"
  • Innamonta County: Named for an ancient native city, means "great city" in Allamanna.
  • Miltanassee County: Allamanna word for "in the east".
  • Tennessawa County: Corruption of the spelling "Tennizawha", the name of an Allamanna village.

Cities and townsEdit

  • Ollynnaco: From a native word for "importance".
  • Titono: Means "trees" in Augarri-Allamanna.
  • New Picochatt: "Picochatt" was the name of an Allamanna village; New Picochatt is named for the former village.
  • Marcadee: From the native word for "alliance".
  • Eclyco: from the Allamanna word for "heat".
  • Emeree: of partial Parkufo origin; the -ree suffix is derived from the Allamanna suffix "-ri'ei", meaning "town"; the city is actually named after Donovan Emell, a businessman from Longstown who happened to be one-eighth Allamanna. "Emeree" means "Emell's Town" here.
  • Innamonta: See Innamonta County above.


  • Chassowak River: Allamanna for "blue water".
  • Cecilio River
  • Matheen River
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