Below is a list of episodes of the sitcom Frank & Amos.

Season 1Edit

Season 1 of Frank & Amos ran from August 14, 2004 to March 5, 2005.

Season 1 episodes
Episode number Episode title Airdate Guest star(s) Summary
1.1 "Pilot" August 14, 2004 None Frank and Amos have a conversation at Amos's house. Amos discusses with Frank the consequences of destructive decisions.
1.2 "Frank and Chang's Night Out" August 21, 2004 Nathan Marraqua as "Dave" Frank and his friend Chang embark on a "great night out", and they run into a traveler named Dave and show him around town the Frank-and-Chang way.
1.3 "The Fifteen Pictures" August 28, 2004 John Carrita as "Ned"
Hannah Myler as "Evelynne"
Amos hears about the "Fifteen Pictures" display at a local museum and goes there with Frank, who catches the attention of two other visitors when he breaks five of the pictures.
1.4 "Xavier Day" September 4, 2004 Greg O'Fennear as the mayor of Xavier It's the sixty-third annual Xavier Day celebration, and Frank promises Amos that he will go to the event. At the last minute, he welshes on his promise and receives a visit from the mayor the next day.
1.5 "Frank's Daddy" September 11, 2004 Neil Mozhan as Frank's father Frank's father moves into Frank and Amos's house for one month, and proves to be a real burden.
1.6 "County Jail" September 18, 2004 Weeden Hurmock as the warden Frank is arrested after being accused of violent behavior, and is sent to jail. Amos goes to the jail to bail him out.
1.7 "A Class Reunion" September 25, 2004 Wanda Myrl as "Ashley"
Ben Hamall as "Jack"
Dave Mehr as "Michael"
It's time for a class reunion for the Xavier High School Class of 1974. Frank attends, just to turn his old classmates against him.
1.8 "Relatives in Town" October 2, 2004 Howard Baghotton as "Pappy" (Frank's brother)
Tricia Hylls as "Dianne" (Frank's sister)
O. H. Mesch as "Vince" (Frank's brother-in-law)
Frank's relatives come to town, and they throw a big party at Chang's restaurant, where they eat more than they can afford. They end up facing the music when given their bill.
1.9 "John's Terrible Date" October 9, 2004 Beth Schipps as "Melissa" Frank sets his friend John up on a date with a woman named Melissa. The date goes south when John begins belching and flatulating at the dinner table.
1.10 "I Dreamed My Senior Year" October 16, 2004 Derek Scarq as "Principal Marksburg"
Al Piccio as "Mrs. Meigs"
Jay Dean Mixton as "Bob"
Ed Sassoun as "William"
Frank has a dream about his senior year at Xavier High School. In his dream, he runs into the school principal, his history teacher Mrs. Meigs, the school bully Bob, and his old friend William.
1.11 "Health Inspection" October 23, 2004 Paul Hunnunbeard as the health inspector It's time for a health inspection at Chang's restaurant. The health inspector, a strict, 45-year-old man, arrives and inspects the restaurant. Chang barely passes.
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