The Legendary Items are supernatural weapons and objects used in Creature Planet.

Legendary Item Category 1 Edit

Energy GauntletsEdit

Their appearancve are metallic training gloves. The main ability of it is to fire enrgy blasts which are usually used for mid or long-range combat. Its secondary use is to increase the strength of the users' punches.

Used by: Nathan Legend

Life PaperEdit

Its' 200 sheets of paper. Anything that's drawn on it comes to life.

Used by: Serena Thorne

Psychic HeadbandEdit

Its' primary use was to make invisible barriers. Its' secondary use was to give the user telekinesis.

Formerly used by: Nicolas Legend

Used by: Andrew Legend

Magic WrapsEdit

The appearance is mummy wraps that can cover the whole body if used as a whole. Its' primary use is to constrict anything it can wrap around and could kill anyone if its' wrapped around tight enough. Also it can be used to throw people or move up ledges. The secondary use is to heal wounds that it wraps around if not trying to hurt or kill the person the Magic Wraps wrap around.

Its one of the few Legendary Items that can be used by more than one person at once.

Formerly used by: Sphynx

Currently used by: Dimitri Stone (arms)

Legendary Item Category 2 Edit

These Legendary Items don't hurt people, but they can be used as a combination with a weapon to defeat opponents easier.

Trace VisorEdit

Its appearance is a ski visor. Its use is to sees energy at or aound people and things.

Formerly used by: Nicolas Legend

Used by: Nathan Legend

Heal CharmEdit

Heals anyone or anything that were done up to 6 months ago, but even if the Heal Charm can fully heal a body of someone dead it can't bring him/her back to life.

Used by: Rachel Legend

Modified Legendary Items Edit

These Legendary Items were modified by modern technology to last longer and have added effects.

Level 2 Energy GauntletsEdit

Modified by: Luke Dekker

Used by: Nathan Legend