The Jordsons has five seasons. Below is a list of episodes.

Season One (2004-2005)Edit

Season one of the sitcom The Jordsons ran from September 2004 to April 2005.

Season one episodes of The Jordsons
Episode number Episode title Airdate Guest star(s) Summary Notes
1.1 "Pilot" September 25, 2004 Greg Trayers as James Kartonsworth
Joey McDowell as Ben Gorley
Anthony and his sons John and Michael visit an old studio in Eastville, where they meet a man named James Kartonsworth. James demonstrates the techniques used in filmmaking to the Jordsons. He then agrees to allow the three to "star" in a short movie with his assistant Ben Gorley. The movie takes three days to make, and the Jordsons are given a copy to watch at home.
1.2 "Unwanted Company" October 2, 2004 John Lievs
Ludlow Jones
Anthony and his son John plan to watch a game of football while Michael spends the night at a friend's house. John misses half the game while running all over town for chips and dip. Later, they receive a visit from a man named James Mehandon, who makes up a story about having been chased by ghosts and goblins. James enters and ends up spending the night, against Anthony and John's wishes.
1.3 "East-Villain" October 9, 2004 Westley Markhammon as Jason Tartley When a man named Jason Tartley threatens to cause much damage in Eastville, Anthony and Pat take it upon themselves to bring him to justice.
1.4 "John & Patrick's Adventure" October 16, 2004 Wayne Geffith as Patrick
Thomas Benchlaw as Patrick's father
John is invited by his friend Patrick to go to his home, which turns out to be a run-down shack in the middle of nowhere with an extremely tacky interior. John spends "the worst night of his life" in the shack of a house.
1.5 "Here's to the Good Times" October 23, 2004 Thomas Peylen as Richard
Geoffrey Mundack as the mall cop
Stuart Morx as Howard
John and Michael are invited to a celebration at the Eastville Mall, and the celebration becomes too rowdy, forcing John to leave and the mall cop to make some phone calls.
1.6 "An Old High School Friend" October 30, 2004 John Yeobin as Jackie The Jordsons receive a visit from Anthony's old friend Jackie, who visits and talks about memories he and Anthony have of the past.
1.7 "Michael vs. Frederick" October 9, 2004 Ralph X. Baxterson as Frederick
Paul John Baxterson as Frederick's brother
Michael befriends an opposing team's quarterback, Frederick. The two have to play against each other, and Michael's "friendship" "causes" him to purposely lose the game for his team.
1.8 "A Birthday Present" October 16, 2004 Randall Patterson as "Walt Montaco" Anthony surprises his son Michael with a "great birthday present": tickets to see Walt Montaco in concert. Randall Patterson guest stars in this episode without his fellow Feline5 group members; he later guest stars in the episode "Eastville Music Day" with his fellow Feline5ers.
1.9 "The New Neighbors" October 23, 2004 None The Kelfords move next door, and the Jordsons soon find out that this will be "the end of their nice days". First appearance of Travis Kelford (Michael Booker Smithford) and Matthew Kelford (John Kuniz)
1.10 "Michael's Lucky Day" October 30, 2004 Steven Stoanes as Robert Mattakan Michael has a good day at school, and is "lucky" enough to throw great passes during a home football game against an opponent team led by quarterback Robert Mattakan.
1.11 "That Used to Be John" November 6, 2004 John Frzezinski as a sportscaster The Jordson family looks through old photo albums, and John remembers events that happened to him in the past.
1.12 "New Kid" November 13, 2004 Taylor Kreppe as George Murina A new student arrives at Eastville High School, and Michael shows him around the school, around town, and even invites him to his house to meet John and Anthony.
1.13 "Thanksgiving at the Kelfords" November 20, 2004 Hugh DeSalago as "Uncle William Kelford" The Kelfords invite the Jordsons over to their house for Thanksgiving, and everything goes well, until William Kelford, Matthew's brother, shows up and everything beomes chaotic.
1.14 "The Night Eastville Didn't Sleep" November 27, 2004 Evan Hyllon Kulliman as "Otis"
I. J. Klemmon as "Baxter"
Blake McMayers as "Officer Gummerson
Juan Halaparo as "Officer Gomez"
Travis Kelford throws a big party, and, much to the dismay of the Jordsons and, eventually, much of Eastville, Travis and his buddies crank up the tunes, and the police are called to end the party.
1.15 "Michael's Detention" December 4, 2004 David Feulaug as "Principal Wilson"
Toby William Tross as "Vince"
Michael gets detention after being accused by a classmate named Vince of a wrongdoing he did not commit. While in detention, he is watched by the principal, who makes sure he does not try to leave. Meanwhile, Vince, the one who really deserves detention, gets off free.