The island nation of Staugossa once held control of seven possessions, until being driven from them in the Campaign for Liberation of Staugossa Colonies by the Holy Germanian Empire from January to July 2009. Staugossa acquired these possessions after coming up with stories that were found to be completely false. Below is a list of Staugossa's former possessions.

Former possessionsEdit

The following are island nations and former possessions of other nations that were forcefully and cruelly governed by Staugossa.

Former overseas possessions of Staugossa
Possession name Map Seat of government Year acquired Status before being acquired
Faire Island
Map of Faire Island
Laez 2003 Faire Island was a part of the Fairee Islands, which were an independent nation until 2005. Faire Island seceded from the Fairees in 2003. Staugossa claimed the island in June 2003, after lying about the nation not being able to set up a strong government.
Map of Fauto
Fauto 2004 Fauto was an independent island nation until 2004, when Staugossa came up with a huge lie about the government becoming corrupt. The president of Fauto was ousted, and Staugossa claimed the island.
Grand Grannas Islands
Map of Grand Grannas Islands
Holtier 2003 The Grand Grannas were once a possession of Dragoonasag. In January 2003, Dragoonasag granted the Grand Grannas Islands freedom and were claimed by Staugossa later that year, when Stugossa government officials lied by coming up with the excuse that "any government they would have would be headed by someone who is corrupt".
Staugossan Fairee Islands
Map of Fairee Islands Colorcode 1
Hearton 2005 The Fairee Islands were formerly an independent nation until March 2005, when the president was cruelly forced to resign by Staugossan invaders, and the government collapsed. Staugossa claimed half of the Fairees in April 2005. -
Map of Valentina
Valentine 1996 Valentina was a possession of West Canipra from 1896 to 1996; it was then granted independence from West Canipra. Soon, Staugossa claimed the island for no reason.
Welkammon Islands
Welkammon Islands
Aroncraff 2005 The Welkammons were once an independent nation. In 2005, the government became corrupt and collapsed. After being freed, the Welkammon Islands became an independent monarchy. -
Xaviero Islands
Map of Xaviero Islands
Xavierburg 2004 The Xavieros were an independent nation from its founding in 1821 to 2004. In 2004, the King of the Xaviero Islands, King Frossou IX of the Xavieros, was hanged. According to the brutal Staugossan government, he was hanged for selling information to potential enemies. This was found to be a big lie that Staugossa used as an excuse to hang a nation's monarch. Staugossa then claimed the Xaviero Islands. -


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