The state of Almina, like other Dragoonasag states, has a network of state routes, maintained by the state's Transportation Department. Almina also has six National Routes and two major Dragoonasag Interstate freeways. Below is a list of the numbered highways in Almina.

State routesEdit

The Almina State Route System is maintained by the Almina Department of Transportation. In this system, even-numbered routes are usually east-west, and odd-numbered routes are usually north-south.

Route number West/south end North/east end
1 State Route 300 in McCullah County Salviana state line near Jebb City
5 State Route 485 near Willsburgh National Route 333 in Love County
40 State Route 61 in Burker County State Route 300 in Webb City
42 DI-34 near Bellview DI-36 near Runn
49 DI-36 near Bonsworth State Route 61 in Thames
54 State Route 801 near Nelsonton River National Route 969 in Laww County
61 State Route 461 in Herre Moltore National Route 324 in Troffoltown
65 Coaria state line State Route 308 in Bennewell County
66 State Route 641 in Chanauga County Vacania state line
67 State Route 386 in Guarr State Route 300 in Choson
74 Persiana state line State Route 388 in Retorie
85 State Route 602 in Rhauberdon State Route 49 in Red Hill County
107 State Route 388 in Innamonta County State Route 386 in River Town
115 State Route 74 in Pradam County State Route 61 in Burker County
165 State Route 386 in River Town National Route 569 in Feldton County
300 State Route 61 in Patrik State Route 401 in Wright County
302 National Route 569 in Vermont State Route 473 in Straussville
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