This is a list of numbered routes in the Dragoonasag state of Carlana.

State routes[edit | edit source]

Carlana's state route system consists of about fifty-nine routes maintained by the state's Transportation Department. As in other Dragoonasag states, routes with odd numbers usually are north-south, and routes with even numbers are usually east-west. Carlana state routes are not numbered using the "grid" system, and the routes are not numbered in any particular order (State Routes 70 and 402 intersect each other; this would be impossible in the "grid" system Zinrico uses).

Carlana state route numbers do not mirror the numbers of Dragoonasag Interstate routes, but may mirror Dragoonasag National Routes. As a result, there is no Carlana State Route with the numbers 11, 92, or 98. There is a Carlana State Route 72, which has a number mirroring that of National Route 72, which traverses the state. Said state route does not intersect said National Route.

Route West/south end East/north end
2 SR-177 in Spencer County SR-602 in Richport
4 SR-177 in Riversville SR-31 in Herringsburg
14 Chaumar state line DRAG-72 in Jaysburgh
25 SR-225 in Spencer County SR-76 in Paisley County
28 SR-75 near Chanceless Creek SR-828 in Harrison County
31 SR-234 in McLeoud County Zinrico state line
36 SR-109 in Saraah SR-225 in Caperton
39 SR-750 in Terrey County SR-70 in Payson County
55 SR-455 in Moseley Zinrico state line
64 SR-325 in Cypress City DRAG-205 in Eight Pines
70 DRAG-205 in Allona DI-98 in Payson County
71 Persiana state line DI-11 near Hallsburg
72 SR-77 near Persiana state line Persiana state line
75 SR-76 in Paisley DRAG-72 in Paulman County
76 DI-92 near Carlana West DI-48 in Brago County
79 SR-97 near Delcee DRAG-72 in Jaysburgh
97 SR-76 in Cangrich SR-31 in Monneville
109 SR-600 in Kevin SR-234 in Airhopana County
114 Chaumar state line DRAG-72 in Jaysburgh
137 Cutra state line ElevenCon Freeway near Theurburg
145 SR-7754 in Charlotte County SR-477 in East Wright County
164 SR-64 in Charterson County SR-739 in Cobard County
169 Cutra state line near Gregory ElevenCon Freeway near Graham
175 DI-11 in West Pitts County SR-915 in Haag County
177 SR-600 in Less Lake SR-76 in Paisley County
200 SR-411 in Payson County SR-477 in Lakeadelphia
225 SR-325 in Genesburg Zinrico state line
234 Lohana state line DI-48 in Jackoban County
325 Cutra state line SR-234 in McLeoud County
326 SR-28 near Hillcrest Salviana state line
364 SR-97 in White County Zinrico state line
369 SR-76 in Kempston County DRAG-72 in Paulman County
402 SR-70 in Pratt SR-750 in Terrey County
411 SR-7754 in Payson County DI-11 in West Pitts County
455 SR-70 in Georgetown SR-714 in Lawson County
477 SR-72 in Westover DI-11 in East Wright County
600 Lohana state line SR-325 in Edwin
602 SR-325 in Drydale DRAG-205 near Kallin
606 DI-92 near Drewville SR-225 in West Wright County
630 SR-911 in Stevan SR-28 in Hillcrest
682 SR-733 in Pelham County DI-11 in West Pitts County
706 SR-866 in Charpson County SR-28 in Morris County
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