This is a list of numbered routes in the Dragoonasag state of Lohana.

State routesEdit

Lohana's state route system consists of many state routes, maintained by the state's Transportation Department. Like in other Dragoonasag states, most routes with odd numbers are north-south routes, and routes with even numbers are east-west routes. Lohana's state routes are not numbered with a "grid" system, like Zinrico state routes; rather, like in most Dragoonasag states, the routes are not numbered in order from smallest to largest. (Example: State Route 99 begins in Central Lohana, rather than Western or Eastern Lohana, where it would have begun had Lohana used the "grid" system Zinrico uses).

Route South/west end North/east end Note(s)
1 At Dragoonasag National Route 72 in Faryl At Chaumar state line
9 At Dragoonasag National Route 731 in Willpower At Dragoonasag Interstate Route 61 near Playne
26 at State Route 371 in Wyboard County at State Route 735 in Ellyrma
29 DI-61 in Bates County Chaumar state line
39 Dragoonasag National Route 124 in Gold Ring
70 Chaumar state line State Route 270 in Hudson
76 State Route 70 in Homeland County
DI-92 near Summerville
State Route 371 in Curtis
State Route 99 in Margot
There are two Lohana state routes with this number.
77 State Route 377 in Martham State Route 926 in Ardiyak
78 DI-14 near Rallystown DI-98 in East Rourk
81 State Route 371 in Gladyne County DI-92 near Dwelling
99 State Route 558 in Argotta Chaumar state line
113 State Route 769 in Marvyn County DI-92 near Bryce
115 DI-61 in Vicki Small State Route 363 near Northampton
119 State Route 258 near Parkstown State Route 694 near The Ardimons
127 State Route 99 near Daryl DI-61 in Lohana City
157 State Route 262 near Glenda National Route 731 in Middle
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