This is a list of numbered highways within the Dragoonasag state of Zinrico.

State routesEdit

Zinrico's state route system consists of about seventy-five state highways. As in other Dragoonasag states, most routes with odd numbers are north-south, and most with even numbers are east-west. Zinrico's state route system is a(n attempt at a) grid. The smallest numbers are in the south and west. The largest numbers are in the north and east (this excludes three-digit numbers). Three-digit numbered routes are located near the one- or two-digit numbered route sharing the last two digits.

The attempted "grid" only applies to state routes.

Zinrico State Routes are abbreviated as "ZIN-X" (one digit), "ZIN-XX" (two digits), or "ZIN-XXX" (three digits).

Route number South / west end North / east end Notes
1 National Route 72 in Butler City State Route 90 in Josephtown
4 National Route 72 in Blackroute National Route 205 in Jasper
5 National Route 205 in Park City State Route 1 near Lattrick
6 State Route 71 in Airhopana State Route 12 in Wadesville
7 State Route 5 in Apjack County State Route 90 in McDonald
9 State Route 94 in Federation City State Route 7 in Nineveh
10 State Routes 93 and 310 in Denson County State Route 412 in Adams County
12 Carlana state line Abercame state line
13 State Route 9 in Madison County State Route 90 in Olandaton
14 Dragoonasag Interstate Route 92 in Ducatan State Route 63 in Rockingham
15 National Route 72 in Weeksville State Route 84 in Viperton
20 National Route 205 near Gladiolus Plant State Route 35 in Charles County
22 State Route 63 in Capital State Route 53 in Turner
24 State Route 12 in Adams County State Route 99 in Westover
25 National Route 72 in Hope Chest Avalia state line
26 State Route 1 in Powahachee National Route 205 in Maxwell
29 Carlana state line State Route 33 in Holly Grove
33 Carlana state line State Route 15 in Lewis County
35 Dragoonasag Interstate Route 92 near Glassboro State Route 95 in Baxter
39 State Route 94 in Bob National Route 72 in Macoa
41 State Route 84 in Oswald Avalia state line
46 State Route 35 in Damingham State Route 99 in Grames
47 Dragoonasag Interstate Route 792 in Wiltham Avalia state line
48 State Route 9 in Whauck State Route 39 in Chalkerstown
50 State Route 71 in Effington Abercame state line
52 State Route 39 in Gassetto State Route 69 in Sanderson
53 Dragoonasag Interstate Route 92 near Williams State Route 50 in Charles County
59 State Route 252 in Maddic Avalia state line
63 State Route 6 in Leavenworth Avalia state line; becomes AVA-93
66 State Route 15 in Searcy State Route 95 in James County
67 Dragoonasag Interstate Route 792 in Alberta State Route 71 in Peislley
69 State Route 50 in Charles County National Route 72 in Jahogan County
70 State Route 1 in Pichulla County State Route 84 in Oswald
71 Carlana state line National Route 72 in George
76 State Route 63 in Wishington County State Route 95 in Marbeltown
82 State Route 90 in McDonald County Abercame state line; becomes ABR-54
84 State Route 7 in Martinstown National Route 72 in Wishland
90 Chaumar state line Avalia state line; becomes AVA-62
91 State Route 314 in Atlantica State Route 93 in Jacksonsdale
93 State Route 6 in Buckingham State Route 50 in Troy
94 National Route 72 in Aikenville State Route 35 in Buddy
95 State Route 50 in Charles County State Route 82 in Wright City
98 State Route 305 in Montaco State Route 405 in McDonald County
99 State Route 12 in Tarrant Abercame state line; becomes ABR-73
147 State Route 47 in Wilthouse Avalia state line; becomes AVA-71
167 Carlana state line Dragoonasag Interstate Route 792 in Harper County
220 State Route 20 in Charles County Abercame state line; becomes ABR-78
226 State Route 1 in Butler County State Route 126 in Charleston
239 State Route 39 in Gassetto State Route 84 in Oswald
246 State Route 46 in James State Route 24 in Kapsa
252 State Route 52 in Carr County State Route 47 in Perrytopper
263 State Route 71 in Dip Grove State Route 63 near Capital
294 State Route 633 in Cutoff City State Route 71 in Brigston
295 State Route 50 near Troy Abercame state line; becomes ABR-167 The road briefly leaves Zinrico after James County, becoming Abercame State Route 167 before returning to Zinrico. Upon returning to Zinrico, State Route 295 resumes.
305 State Route 90 in Durham Avalia state line; becomes AVA-79
307 State Route 7 in Park County National Route 205 in Dimwaye
310 State Route 314 in Showalter State Route 6 in Waiyessaukee County
314 State Route 63 in Bishop County State Route 93 in Trottlend
405 State Route 1 in Affanta Avalia State line; becomes AVA-771
412 State Route 99 in Madison Houser State Route 24 in Payson
420 State Route 20 in Van Hurtz County State Route 71 in Harper County
433 Carlana state line DI-792 near Wiltham
504 Chaumar state line near Carbon State Route 4 in Gorzee
569 State Route 706 in Joseph County State Route 67 near Alberta
594 State Route 295 in Steubehn Abercame state line; becomes ABR-378
604 State Route 504 near Lakestown State Route 126 in Shapallio County
633 State Route 33 in Sharpesville State Route 39 in Burgesstown
635 State Route 314 in Bishop County State Route 22 in Shawn County near the Airhopana River
666 State Route 5 in Pichulla County State Route 66 in Milliam
705 State Route 26 in Pelham State Route 5 in Apjack
706 State Route 33 in Rosydale State Route 71 in Stuartsville
733 State Route 633 in Tray Locker State Route 33 in Chavin County
853 State Route 6 in Leavenworth County State Route 53 in Turner
907 State Route 90 in McDonald County Avalia state line; becomes AVA-85
990 National Route 205 in Tragott State Route 90 in Olandaton

Dragoonasag National routesEdit

Two Dragoonasag National routes (abbreviated DRAG-X (one-digit), DRAG-XX (two-digit), or DRAG-XXX (three-digit) traverse the state of Zinrico. Both are four-lane, divided highways for their entire Zinrico stretches. The National routes traversing the state are listed below.

Route number South / west entrance North / east entrance Notes
72 Enters southwestern Zinrico near Blackroute Leaves northeastern Zinrico north of Tylersville; continues into Abercame DRAG-72 follows a northeast-southwest path within Zinrico
205 Enters southwestern Zinrico from Carlana Leaves northwestern Zinrico north of Tragott; continues into Avalia.

Dragoonasag Interstate routesEdit

Four Dragoonasag Interstate routes (abbreviated DI-[number]) are found in the state of Zinrico. Out of those, only one travels through other states. The other three are spurs of said freeway.

NOTE: Dragoonasag Interstate Route 52 does not enter the state currently, and so, it is not included in this list.

Route number South/west end/entrance North/east end/entrance Notes
92 Enters south-central Zinrico near Talleon; enters from Carlana Leaves southeastern Zinrico near Longstown; continues into Salviana
392 Begins at DI-92 at exit 28 (DI-92) in Sameson County Ends at State Route 63 in Lilpark Travels north-south, but has an even number.
692 DI-92 in Sameson County DI-92 near Ducatan Also known as the Zinrico City Bypass
792 Dragoonasag National Route 72 in Aikenville DI-92 near Joseph and Zinrico City
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