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A Logg County welcome sign.

Logg County is one of Salviana's fifty-two counties. Its name is in honor of Jackson F. Logg, a politician who served as governor of Vegetano in the 1850s. Its county seat is Fritzburgh.


Logg County was created in the 1870s, and was originally founded as a home for veterans of the Battle of the Peregos and their families. By 1893, more people had started to move into the county from surrounding areas and the city of Winston. The town of Dunncans served as the county seat until 1899, when Fritzburgh replaced it.


Logg County is located in Central Salviana, near the region known as "Clok Country".

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Logg County had a population of about 28,122 during the last census. The racial make-up was as follows:

Racial Make-up of Logg County's Population[1]
Race Percentage Notes
Caucasian 85.2
African 4.5
Hispanic 3.7
Other 6.6

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