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Lohana, Our Home

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Lohana, Our Home is the debut album from the Dragoonish pop/rock group Lohana. It first hit stores in Dragoonasag in November 1999. The album spawned three hits: "Got Paid Last Month", "Play the Good Stuff", and "Worked Real Hard". Lohana, Our Home was intended to be the band's only album, but their fans changed their minds.

Track listingEdit

1. "Lohana, Our Home" (written by Matt Alkarron and Frederick Bougha)

2. "Got Paid Last Month" (written by Matt Alkarron, Joseph Alkarron, and Frederick Bougha)

3. "Don't Fool Me" (written by Douglas McBelch)

4. "Play the Good Stuff" (written by Matt, Chris, and Joseph Alkarron)

5. "Worked Real Hard" (written by Max Brimm)

6. "The Wrong Turn at Carlotta" (written by Matt Alkarron)

7. "Why Are You Here?" (written by Mark Seotta)

8. "I'll Be in Town" (written by Matt Alkarron and George Thaup)

9. "Highway 363" (written by Matt Alkarron and Frederick Bougha)

10. "Forty-seven" (written by Boyd Halderick)

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