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The Lohana Arm (also called Extreme Southwest Lohana) refers to the part of the state of Lohana west of Beckar's Jaspergreen Extension (Extreme Northwest Beckar). The Arm is part of the Rallystown Statistical Area.


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Welcome to Lake Sparta

Lake Sparta is one of the communities on the Lohana Arm.


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The Lohana Arm is a mountainous area, lying in the Jaspergreen Mountains and the Allye Mountains. The Arm's geography has made it a hot spot for skiers from all over the world in the past[1].


The Lohana Arm is served by Dragoonasag Interstate Route 14, Dragoonasag National Route 35, and State Routes 778, 78, and 275. The Arm is also served by Rallystown's two airports, the Rallystown International Airport and the Allye County Airport.


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