Lohana State House

The Lohana State House is the meeting place for the Lohana state legislature. It is located on Legislature Hill on Government Street. The current State House was built in 1985, and additions, such as the half domes over the wings of the building, have been added since.


Former Cutra Territorial House

The former meeting place for the government of the Cutra Territory

The State House's construction was planned in 1904 as the Cutra Territorial House. In 1905, a site was chosen. Surveyors picked a hill in the city of Nopoly, which would come to be called "Legislature Hill". Construction on the first official Territorial House began in 1908 and ended in 1911. The State House replaced an "informal" meeting place within the city. In 1984, a series of severe thunderstorms badly destroyed the State House. A new State House had to be built. Construction on the current State House began in late 1984 and completed in 1985. The domes over the wings of the building were added in 1994.

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