Lohana State Route 127 (abbreviated LOH-127, and known in Lohana City as The Great 127) is a north-south state route maintained by the Transportation Department of the state of Lohana. It runs from State Route 99 in Colex County to Lohana City.

State Route 127 was built in the 1930s.

Counties traversedEdit


  • Daryl
  • Bright Springs
  • Pallatto
  • Penark
  • Beecher
  • Shreader
  • Brooklyn
  • Curtis

Major intersectionsEdit

  • State Route 99 in Colex County
  • National Route 72 near Malcox
  • Wyssoneau County Highway 234 near Bright Springs
  • Dragoonasag Interstate Route 92 near Pallatto (via diamond interchange)
  • State Route 76S in Marshall County
  • Alternate National Route 731 in Ardonia County (merges with it for the rest of its journey)
  • State Route 364 in Ardonia County
  • State Routes 99 and 300 in Penark
  • State Route 927 near Beecher
  • State Route 388 in Beecher
  • State Route 826 in Benson County
  • State Route 270 in Benson County
  • Lohana State Route 76N near Curtis
  • Dragoonasag Interstate Route 61 in Lohana City

Route descriptionEdit

State Route 127 begins at State Route 99 in rural Colex County. The route then travels northwest toward the farming community of Daryl. After leaving Daryl, Route 127 continues northwest on a two-lane road, and turns due north in southern Wyssoneau County. It then continues toward the town of Bright Springs, crossing over the Nautahaick Fork just south of the town. In Bright Springs, Route 127 becomes four lanes wide; it reduces to two lanes upon leaving town. It continues north toward the town of Pallatto, passing over DI-92 to the south of the town. North of Pallatto, Route 127 continues north, crossing over the Andrews River and continuing into Marshall County. Upon entering Marshall County, State Route 127 turns northeast until halfway through the county. It then turns northwest, continuing toward Alternate National Route 731. Route 127 merges with Alt. Route 731, and follows it for the rest of its journey, basically traveling northeast from the merge north to its end in Lohana City.

Alternate namesEdit

State Route 127 has been known by alternate names by Lohanians. Residents of Lohana City call it "The Great 127", despite being merged with Alternate National Route 731 in the city limits. Many Lohanians living near the route call it "Highway 127", "Route 127", or simply "127".