Lohana State Route 262 (abbreviated LOH-262) is a state route maintained by the Dragoonasag state of Lohana. The route runs from National Route 72 in the city of Marico to National Route 731 in Colex County.

Counties traversedEdit

Communities along the routeEdit

Intersections with other routesEdit


State Route 262 begins at National Route 72 in Marico. The highway then travels southeast, gradually turning east. Route 262 runs east until Glenda. After leaving Glenda, Route 262 turns to the south, and then turns southeast, and continues until Le Donna. In Le Donna, Route 262 turns northeast, and continues until Price Hill, where it turns southeast. Route 262 continues southeast until its east end at National Route 731.

In popular cultureEdit

State Route 262 has been mentioned in the band Lohana's song "Marico County".

In superstitionEdit

Some local people believe that traveling the whole distance on State Route 262 will bring them an abundance of money[1]. Superstitious smokers believe that traveling State Route 262 from Marico to Glenda will make them stop smoking. Also, many superstitious people in the area through which the route travels believe that the number 262 is lucky[2].


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