Lohana State Route 371 (abbreviated LOH-371) is a north-south state route maintained by the Transportation Department of the state of Lohana. Its south end is at State Route 677 in the town of Fate. Its north end is near Dragoonasag Interstate Route 61 in Lohana City. It is merged with DI-61 from Missionworth to just north of Liberty; thus, it nearly intersects the freeway twice.

Counties traversedEdit


  • Fate
  • Nellman
  • Aneymon
  • Aydella
  • Oblyke
  • Byron Way
  • Missionworth
  • Liberty
  • Carlotta
  • Bullett
  • Surcliffe
  • Patriarch
  • Curtis

Major intersectionsEdit


State Route 371 begins in the small farming town of Fate, at State Highway 677. It then travels northwest through the communities of, in order going north, Nellman, Aneymon, Aydella, Oblyke, Byron Way, and Missionworth. Near Byron Way, the route crosses Johnson Creek. Route 371 ends its northwest path at its merge with DI-61. It follows the mostly four-lane, divided freeway into and through the Liberty metropolitan area before leaving the freeway at its exit 201. Upon leaving the freeway, Route 371 resumes being a two-lane road, and turns to roughly parallel the freeway for the rest of its journey.

Route 371 is four lanes (excluding turning lanes) wide in the following communities: Nellman, Oblyke, Missionworth, Carlotta, Bullett, Surcliffe, Curtis, and Lohana City.

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