Lohana State Route 386 (abbreviated LOH-386) is a state route in the Dragoonasag state of Lohana. The highway runs from the Arubio state line to State Route 427 in Ardmore.

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State Route 386 begins at the Arubio state line, where Arubio State Route 457 becomes Lohana State Route 386. State Route 386 then travels northeast through rural Brenton County along a two-lane road. The road intersects National Route 35 near Jorge's Forge, and then continues northeast. State Route 386 intersects Dragoonasag Interstate Route 92 between the towns of Austin Fort and Stoles Grant. In Stoles Grant, State Route 386 runs along Main Street. After leaving Stoles Grant, State Route 386 continues northeast along a two-lane road through rural Brenton County. The route enters Lexynton County just before entering the Wrapstown town limits. The route becomes a four-lane road in Wrapstown, where it serves as the town's main street. From Wrapstown, State Route 386 is reduced back to two lanes and continues northeast through the northwest corner of Lexynton County, and then enters Ford County, where it maintains a northeast path until the Paggons Junction community, where it turns farther east and continues toward the city of Boullard. In Boullard, the road is routed along Paul B. Brimm Boulevard and is a four-lane road with a grass median decorated with decorative trees as part of Boullard's "Beautification Plan". After leaving Boullard, State Route 386 is reduced back to two lanes. The road continues through rural Ford County. Near the Ardonia County line, State Route 386 turns due east, and maintains this path until halfway between the county line and Sensou, where it turns northeast again. After passing through Sensou, State Route 386 turns east, and then slightly to the south, and continues toward its east end at State Route 427 in Ardmore.


The road now known as Lohana State Route 386 was planned in 1924. The original plan was for the highway to run from the Arubio state line to National Route 731. The highway did end at DRAG-731 from 1932 to 1951. In 1951, the road was extended to Sensou, where it ended at Ardonia County Road 95. It was not until after the Cutra Territory became the Lohana Territory in the late 1980s, Route 386 was extended to its current east end.

Future plansEdit

On August 3, 2009, the Lohana Department of Transportation announced plans to extend State Route 386 to State Route 927 in Centerville.

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