Lohana State Route 505 (abbreviated LOH-505) is a north-south state route maintained by Lohana's department of transportation. It begins at State Route 694 near Nature River, and its north end is at State Route 397 near Chetonia City.

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State Route 505 begins at State Route 694 in the Airhopana National Park. The route then runs north, tracing the park's western boundary before turning northwest toward the park town of Mendel. In Mendel, Route 505 is known as Park Street and is lined with trees native to Dragoonasag and three other nations, including East Canipra. After leaving Mendel, State Route 505 continues northwest through the park. The route leaves the park shortly before entering Wassona County. The route continues through rural Wassona County until DI-92.

Route 505 merges with DI-92 at exit 263. The state route runs east along DI-92 for one mile before leaving the freeway at exit 264.

Route 505 then continues north, climbing Eldermall Mountain, where it intersects DRAG-72. Shortly after descending Eldermall Mountain, Route 505 turns slightly northwest toward the city of Eanastasia. In Eanastasia, Route 505 is known as North Boulevard and, as of 2008, has six lanes. After leaving Eanastasia, Route 505 continues northwest through the mountains of eastern Lohana until its north end at State Route 397.

Other namesEdit

Piccocchuse Way

"Piccocchuse Way" in Piccocchuse Country

  • This road is called "The Mountain-Carving 505" north of DI-92. This includes "Piccocchuse Way".

References in mediaEdit

  • Eanastasia's news radio station, Eanastasia's E505, gets its name from this route.
  • The song "Piccocchuse Way" by singer Jim Playnes refers to this route.