Lohana State Route 558
West end
National Route 731 in Bodayisson
East end
State Route 371 near Missionworth

Lohana State Route 558 (abbreviated LOH-558) is an east-west state route maintained by the Dragoonasag state of Lohana's Transportation Department. Its west end is at National Route 731 in the city of Bodayisson. Its east end is at State Route 371 near the city of Missionworth.

Counties traversedEdit

SR-558 goes through Marvyn County twice.


  • Bodayisson (city)
  • Argotta (town)
  • North Oudonay (town)
  • Melworth (city)
  • Phosphate (town)
  • Acorn Crossing (town)

Major intersectionsEdit

  • DRAG-731 in Bodayisson
  • LOH-531 in Colex County
  • LOH-99 in Argotta
  • LOH-307 in Melworth
  • LOH-113 in Phosphate
  • LOH-641 (formerly LOH-2641) in Acorn Crossing
  • DI-61 near Missionworth
  • LOH-371 near Missionworth


State Route 558 begins at National Route 731 in Bodayisson. It then travels east to Argotta, where it intersects State Route 99. State Route 558 turns northeast near the town of North Oudonay, and continues this northeast path through Melworth and toward Phosphate. In Phosphate, the route turns due east, continuing to its east end at State Route 371.


State Route 558 was formed from part of the Oudonay Trail, which it follows to Phosphate. From the 1930s to 1965, the route's east end was in Phosphate. In 1965, the route was extended toward its current east end.

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