Lohana State Route 562 (abbreviated LOH-562) is an east-west state route in the state of Lohana. The route crosses northern Lohana, running from the Chaumar state line near Gatesburg to the Chaumar line near Guthriestown. It begins as a continuation of Chaumar's State Highway 308; upon entering Chaumar again, it becomes Chaumar State Highway 556 instead of retaining the Highway 308 designation. The route has concurrencies with State Routes 99 and 977.

Counties traversedEdit

  • Chaumaria County
  • Byrd County
  • Manson-Walden County
  • Guthrie County


  • Gratney
  • Chancetown
  • La Coyle
  • Cross City
  • Nopavek

Major intersectionsEdit


State Route 562 enters Lohana just east of the unincorporated community of Gatesburg. The route continues due east toward the interchange with Dragoonasag Interstate Route 61. After the interchange, Route 562 turns northeast and enters the city of Gratney. It continues into Byrd County and toward State Route 99. State Routes 562 and 99 merge, continuing north until Chancetown, where they split. State Route 562 continues east across Manson-Walden County toward the town of La Coyle, where it merges with State Highway 977. It merges with Highway 977 until Cross City in Guthrie County, where Highway 562 continues east toward the Chaumar state line.

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