Lohana State Route 677 (abbreviated LOH-677) is a north-south state route in the Dragoonasag state of Lohana. It is maintained by the state's Transportation Department. It links two freeways, which both mark its termini.

Counties traversedEdit


  • Eddyman
  • Fate
  • Freezing Falls
  • Lodermind
  • Ogle
  • Lawhannon
  • Warren
  • Aychrona
  • Kytherman
  • Southerland
  • Bishop's Grove
  • Box Carr

Major intersectionsEdit

Route descriptionEdit

State Route 677 mainly travels due north. It begins at DI-61 in extreme western Beleener County, and travels north toward the city of Eddyman, where it is known as Horace Highway. After Eddyman, the state route crosses into Airyton County, and enters the town of Fate. To the north of Fate, Route 677 crosses over the Airhopana River and Weldonn Creek before entering the town of Freezing Falls. After leaving Freezing Falls, the route continues north toward the city of Lodermind, where it is known as North Street. After Lodermind, State Route 677 continues due north into rural Lohana, and the next town is Ogle. After Ogle, State Route 677 continues north toward the town of Lawhannon, where it turns a little to the northeast, and continues toward the city of Warren. In Warren, State Route 677 turns slightly northwest, continuing toward Southerland, where it turns due north for the rest of its journey.

The road is mostly two lanes wide. It has four travel lanes within the city limits of Eddyman, Lodermind, Lawhannon, Warren, Southerland, Bishop's Grove, and Box Carr.

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