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* Fennell
* Fennell
* Starsburg
* Starsburg
* Mean Hook
* [[Mean Hook, Lohana|Mean Hook]]
* Macrau
* Macrau
* Broiling Springs
* Broiling Springs

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Lohana State Route 735 (abbreviated LOH-735) is a north-south state route in the Dragoonasag state of Lohana. It, like all other Lohana state routes, is maintained by the Transportation Department of the state. It runs from Dragoonasag Interstate Route 92 in Malliwarner County to the Chaumar state line, at which it becomes Chaumar State Route 717. It nearly borders "Piccocchuse Country" near its south end.

This highway is known for its steep grade in the town of Mean Hook, known as the "Mean Hook Nightmare", as many motorists dread it[1].

Counties traversed

  • Malliwarner County
  • Marritt County
  • North Estasia County
  • Wrightland County
  • Irzona County
  • Parker County
  • Jones County
  • Senardo County


  • Maybellville
  • Sylon
  • Sunday Morning
  • Ellyrma
  • Lohanland City
  • New England
  • Darwin
  • Fennell
  • Starsburg
  • Mean Hook
  • Macrau
  • Broiling Springs
  • Wellbeen

Major intersections

  • Dragoonasag Interstate Route 92 in Malliwarner County
  • National Route 72 in Maybellville
  • State Routes 271 and 26 in Ellyrma
  • State Route 204 in Lohanland City
  • State Route 556 north of Lohanland City
  • State Route 294 in New England
  • State Route 550 in Wrightland County
  • State Route 322 near Darwin
  • State Route 258 in Fennell
  • State Route 370 in Starsburg
  • State Route 344 in Mean Hook
  • State Route 741 in Macrau
  • State Route 484 near Wellbeen
  • State Route 362 in Wellbeen

Route description

State Route 735 begins at Dragoonasag Interstate Route 92 in Extreme Eastern Malliwarner County. Shortly after its beginning, the two-lane road crosses into Marritt County, entering the city of Maybellville not long after that. In Maybellville, Route 735 intersects National Route 72. State Route 735 continues north toward the city of Sylon, about 15 miles north of Maybellville. Halfway between the city of Sylon and the town of Sunday Morning, State Route 735 takes a northwest trajectory, and continues in this direction through the rest of Marritt County, all of North Estasia County, and southern Wrightland County. North of Lohanland City, the route takes a northerly trajectory for the rest of its Wrightland County portion. It then turns slughtly northeast upon crossing into Irzona County. The route continues through rural areas and towns, and takes a due-north direction near Macrau. State Route 735 mainly travels north from Macrau to Wellbeen. After Wellbeen, State Route 735 traverses rural areas for the rest of its journey; after Wellbeen, the next community along the road is the small town of Lappe, in the state of Chaumar (on Chaumar 717).

State Route 735 is a two-lane road in rural areas and has four travel lanes in the cities and towns.


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