Lohana 768 shield

A Lohana 768 shield in 2007

Lohana State Route 768 (abbreviated LOH-768, formerly Lohana State Route 2768) is an east-west state route in the state of Lohana, running from State Route 371 near Bullett to State Route 377 near Thirdtown.

It was renumbered from 2768 to 768 in 2005.

Counties traversedEdit


  • Bullett
  • Ellotta
  • Thirdtown

Major junctionsEdit

Route description and attractionsEdit

William Herbestadt face carving

A carving of William Herbestadt's face on the side of a rock formation

Lohana State Route 768 is routed along a two-lane road, running southeast. Motorists on the road can see a carving of William Herbestadt's (a central figure in Edinburg County's history) face on the side of a rock formation.

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