Lohana State Route 77 (abbreviated LOH-77) is a state route maintained by Lohana's Transportation Department. Its south end is at State Route 377 in Martham. Its north end is at State Route 926 in Ardiyak.

Counties traversedEdit

  • Heardonia County
  • Wrightland County
  • Irzona County
  • Northampton County
  • Allay County
  • Senardo County


  • Martham
  • New Leeds
  • Heardonia
  • Baptist Township
  • Myrechano
  • Jetham
  • Northampton
  • Love Garden
  • Kennylou
  • Townsmont
  • Ardiyak

Major intersectionsEdit

  • State Route 377 and State Route 26 in Martham
  • State Route 556 in Heardonia
  • State Route 726 in Baptist Township
  • State Route 294 in Wrightland County
  • State Route 258 in Myrechano
  • State Route 267 in Jetham
  • State Route 363 in Northampton
  • State Route 228 in Love Garden
  • State Route 346 in Kennylou
  • State Route 926 in Ardiyak


State Route 77 begins in the small town of Martham at State Route 377. It then travels north along a two-lane road towards the towns of New Leeds and Heardonia; in Heardonia, State Route 77 becomes four lanes wide. Upon leaving Heardonia, State Route 77 reduces to two lane and continues toward Baptist Township, the state's only "township". In northern Wrightland County, State Route 77 turns northwest toward Myrechano, passing through it immediately before entering Irzona County. The route continues its northwesterly path until Jetham, where it turns more to the north, traveling due north until Northampton, where it turns northwest again. State Route 77 continues northwest until Love Garden, where it turns northeast, continuing this path until its north end at State Route 926 in Ardiyak.