Lohanland County is the capital county of the Dragoonasag state of Lohana. Its county number is 1. Its county seat, Lohana City, is also the capital city of Lohana.


Lohanland County was created in 1877 as "Nopoly County". Its county seat was located at "Nopoly", which served as the capital city of the Territory of Chaumaria and the Cutra Territory. When the Cutra Territory became the state of Lohana in 1989, Nopoly County became Lohanland County.


Lohanland County is located in Northern Lohana.

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Lohanland County had a population of about 2,015,003 during the last census.

The racial make-up was as follows:

Racial Make-up of Lohanland County's Population[1][2]
Race Percentage Notes
Caucasian 84.7
African 6.3
Hispanic 5.3
Other 3.7

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Lohanland County, Lohana
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