Location of Lohanland Fault

The location of the Lohanland Fault

The Lohanland Fault is a fault located in the Dragoonasag state of Lohana. It is named after Lohanland County, where it begins. The fault runs to the Northampton/Jones County line near Santa Cruz. The fault is mostly hidden, but evidence of its existence can be seen where it crosses State Route 824 in Ray. The strongest earthquake experienced along the fault was the 2007 Northampton County (Lohana) Earthquake on November 14, 2007; the earthquake's magnitude was 5.2.


The Lohanland Fault runs mostly northeast, beginning in Lohanland County. The fault continues through rural areas of the county. The fault runs through the middle of the town of Ray, and then continues into Northampton County. The fault crosses State Route 77 south of the city of Love Garden, and continues through rural Northampton County, crossing State Route 503 just south of Santa Cruz.

Lohanland County, Lohana
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