Long County is a county in the Dragoonasag state of Salviana. One of the state's oldest counties, it was named after surveyor John Relgard Long, for whom the county seat Longstown was also named. The county is one of the most populated counties in the state.


For historical events pertaining to Longstown, see Longstown#History.

Long County was established years after its county seat; it was formed upon Salviana's statehood in 1821. Longstown became its seat of government.


Long County is located in Western Salviana. The Long River flows through the county.

Major routesEdit

Adjacent countiesEdit

  • Geilles County (north)
  • Thornston County (east)
  • Vorgett County (south)
  • Forter County, Zinrico (west)
  • Haag County, Carlana (west)
  • Shundell County, Carlana (west)


One of the most populous counties in Salviana, Long County had a population of about 1,679,500 during the last census.

Cities, towns, and townshipsEdit

  • Claussen Township
  • Cuttlesville (town)
  • Longstown (city)
  • Morepath Township
  • New Englewood Township
  • Ulrich (city)
  • Zinzberg (town)
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