The Lordom of Tales
Telsh Flag
Official name
The Princpality/Lordom of Tales
Lywenn the Great 996-1010, fist, Dafydd II 1282-1283 last
20,500,600 by 1200
11 Feb 996 established, 5 June 1283 dissolved (absorbed into Mngland) as an Unit, 1 January 1601, Seperations Act of 1601
Major Rivers
Den River, Offa River
Highest Point
not to reveal
Telsh, English defacto
Telsh Coins, pound sterling of Tales

The Lordom of Tales was, from 996-1283, a country located in Tales. Containing of modern Tales and vassal controlled islands, it was governed by a Lord with full ultimate supervisional power and ruled by a Aschrict Lord's Council, with full legislative making power.

The Lordom of Tales, in 1283, by the Statue of Ruudahan, became a vassal state of Mngland, which means, the King became Lord of Tales. In 1507, by the Act of Union 1507, Tales remained part of the new province of Mngland. In 1601, Tales, by the Seperations Act of 1601, was seperated from Mngland and became an new Unit, the Part of Tales.

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