Louie was a solider in the smedish "cat"-army. He also founded Applecity.

Early life[edit | edit source]

Louie was offically born 1982 and was adopted in a "very early" age. He was very calm and he didn't eat that much. Until the age of 12 he was very scared of being outside. He was also a proud owner of a mouse-toy named Dodo. He was raised as a soldier in the secret smedish "cat"-army in 1984. Due to his fear of being outside he always went in a transporting-car. As an expert of hiding he was one of their best scouts. He got the rank "leader of the army" for christmas in 1986.

Applecity[edit | edit source]

In Mars 1991 smeden didn´t need the cat-army anymore and by then the "cats" stood by themselves. In June Louie decided to form a country for his army and he bought a small island, Frösön in Storsjön, the fifth biggest lake in Smeden, and some smaller islands around it. He went to the island and named it after some apples he got the opportuinity to taste near a school. After that he ruled Applecity with much care and wisdom. Many humans moved away because they were sceptical to be ruled by a cat. About 2500 of Appelcitys original 10 000 moved away but many cats and "cats" moved to the country. In 1995 he was voted to the world wide leader of the "cats", he accepted the role as this and got known world wide. In 2001 he met another animal king, King Elof, a water salamander, they became freinds and allies from now on. Elof who where very rich payed everything for both of the countries and Applecity wich had now found remains of their space ships and started to develope new technology created a very powerful union with high technology and much money.

Death[edit | edit source]

In the spring of 2005 Louie suffered an epileptic attack near the Temple of Applecity when nobody saw him. Later a temple worker found him dead. His grave was made out of an old shoebox and it contained several flowers that surrounded Louie. The reason of his actually early death where that The Cult Of The Dominators in 1999 launched an terrorist attack on The Temple of Applecity and used gas-bombs filled with an unknown poision which gave Louie epilepsy. His actual age when dying was well over five thousands years but is not exactly known.

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