Modern Battleship history[edit | edit source]

The Louie-class Battleship is currently the only battleships in service in the world.The battleships age ended with the second world war, because now the aircraft carriers ruled the seas.As the battle ships where desinged to destroy ships they dident have enought anti aircraft guns to defend themselves from the aircraft carriers.So they where chased out of service in 1945 and where laid in reserves just to re-enter active service in the gulf war (with some weapon refits like anti aircraft missiles for heavily increased AA defense) to give heavy fire support to the ground forces.After the gulf war the battleships where laid in reserve again, just to be scrathced between 1996-2004.Some of these ships where "honoured" (because these once where the most powerful ships to have been afloat) to be sunk in cermonies where the ships where able to "sink in combat"(sunk because being fired on by cruisers and destroyers) which some their old crews where able to wittness.

The Louie-class Battleships[edit | edit source]

The Louie-class did start construction in 1998 as the first in service battleships after the gulf war.They have the most effective missile disruptor system in the world with a chanse to dissrupt enemy missiles of 99,7 percent so the are practicaly immune to anti ship missile systems.

Ther own weaponry consists of twelwe extremly powerful 32 inch guns mounted in four turrets with three in each of them wich are meant to give fire support to troops under close sea operations and as secondary anti ship weapons.The guns are able to fire up to distances of 70 kilometers and up to 100 kilometers with special rocket proppelled ammunition. The battleships are also capable of carrying 6 EM 11 Nuclear Missiles.

The AA defense withstands of fifty EM 19/U surface to air missiles and primary anti ship weapons withstands of twenty EM/34 ship-to-ship missiles.

The Louie ships has an very high deplacement of 200 000 tons.It is also together with the Tigern-class Cruiser and the Vallsund-class Frigate one of the three ship types of Applecity that can be operated by both "cat"s and humans.

The Louie class withstand of three ships, KFS Louie,KFS Sara and KFS Ingrid.KFS Louie is the leadship of the class.

KFS is the shortening of the swedish words "Kung Findus Skepp" when translated to english it means King Findus Ship

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