Louie tank is a super-heavy tank of Applecity reserved for the General. It only exists two of them, one for defense and one for attack. It's primary armament is a diverted 200mm artillery cannon that gives the Louie tank the ability to effective engage targets at 6000 meters. The secondary armament is a coaxial 12,7 mm machine gun, one 15,7 mm machine gun on the turret operated by the commander and one coaxial flamethrower. It has a very heavy armor plating.But with help of advanced technology the maximum speed is still high, about 30 km/h in terrain and 50 km/h on roads.Or 48 in terrain and 67 on roads depending on model. It's named after the founder of Applecity: Louie.

It exists two models of the Louie Tank,one "DEFENSE" and one "OFFENSE" version.The main difference is: The defense model is much heavier because of much more armour.The thinnest is in the back its eqalient to 1900 mm of RHA and on the rest of the tank, the front,the sides and the whole turret has protection eqalient to 3500 mm of RHA´.This gives it a low top speed of 50 km/h.

The other model, the offense armour is eqalient to 1800 mm of RHA in the back and the front has 2500 mm RHA and the sides has 1800 mm RHA and the turret 2300.The reason of the thinner armour is that it need to be faster to rush eneny postions and keep up with the Tigern Tanks easier.

In the year of 2009 it is planned to bild at least 5 more of the Louie Tanks wich the first will be in in service in the 7th of May.Of the new tanks at least three of them is planned to be of the OFFENSE version.

The General of The First Royal Armoured Battallion Of Applecity always personly lead his men into battle with the DEFENSE version tank.

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