Louis Carres


Birth name
Louis James Carres
May 19, 1921
August 29, 1962 (aged 41)
Years active
Hazel Fainhouse (1943-1962)(his death)

Louis James Carres (May 19, 1921 - August 29, 1962) was an actor best known for his roles in the Eddie McDeal films. He was also known for being the husband of Hazel Carres and the father of actresses Marge and Mary Carres. He only acted for about eight years, but he still gained fame.

Early life and family

Carres was born on May 19, 1921 to Bethany Carres and William Carres. He had one brother, actor Wayne Carres. Carres set high goals, and did well in school, hoping to go to college and have a high-paying job. As time passed, Carres's goals changed. After graduation, he entered the military and served in the military until 1945. After leaving the military, Carres decided to become an actor, following in his father's footsteps.


Carres made his big-screen debut in 1946, when he was cast in the film Eddie McDeal.

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