I stood alone out here in the chilly night, accompanied by the sound of wind, and the rustling of trees. It was a beautiful night, I loved it so much, I didn’t feel cold, but instead I felt the kindling of inspiration. The moon brought down its silver light over me, and it majestic glory kept me in awe. There was nothing else so wonderful to the eye, its silver shades in the sky made it unique, the only large object above, it would obviously grab anybody’s attention.
It took some effort to tear my eyes away from the view, and I looked around. I was lost in the cold forest, and fear started to take over me, I didn’t know how I was going to survive in this area. I kept walking straight ahead, not taking notice of what direction I was going, but as long as I was getting somewhere, it wouldn’t matter to me. There were flakes of snow on the branches of the trees, and each time the wind blew, they snow was sprayed on my face and body. It felt great, they glittered in the moonlight as they fell to the ground.

I looked ahead, and there she was, my love, standing at the end of the forest. I didn’t matter where I had come from, or where I was, but now that I had found her, I was not lost. She was all that mattered to me, and all that I loved. Surely I could not live without her, if there were an angel missing in heaven, I know where I would find it.
She was beautiful to me, black hair, and brown eyes that always grabbed my attention. Her dark clothing camouflaged her in the night, but it easily revealed her when the snow glittered. She was gorgeous like no other, I walked to her, happy like never before. I stood in front of her, and her gaze turned to me.
Her eyes, told me what I had always wanted to see, that love, and beauty. The moonlight dyed her hair snow white, and it made her eyes look like the most precious jewels, the ones, that you could never hope to find. She was mine, all mine, I could ask for no more. All mine.