The Loveport River is one of Reynoldsland's longest rivers. It is named after the city of Loveport.


The Loveport River begins at the Sea of Valdaiah at the city of Loveport. The river runs through Downtown Loveport before running past the city's North Loveport district. The river leaves the Loveport metropolitan area, then runs east, then northeast into the South Mountains region. The river runs to the north of the Loveport River Area National Park; it forms the northern boundary of the park between the towns of Parklandale and Parkville. At Parkville, the Loveport turns north, roughly running the western edge of the East Mountains region until the city of Queenston. After leaving Queenston, the Loveport turns more to the west, into the Central Reynoldsland Valley. The river then turns north, and at "Girrannis Bend", turns northwest toward Reynoldstown, where it runs through the downtown area and empties into the Sea of Reynoldsland.



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