Luke Dekker is a protagonist of the anime-influenced animation, Creature Planet.

Dimitri Stone

[[Image:File:Dimitri’s head|px]]

Rebel City
Episode 9
Samuel (father), Maria (mother)

History Edit

As a toddler, Luke's brain was altered to increase his intelligence and also was given the ability to alter anything, however, his personality remained the same, since he still had an attitude of a child. His parents wanted him to choose his future, but they were killed by Toyzen in order to use him to create deadly weapons for him.

Intro ArcEdit

Nathan Legend met Luke when he was creating some toys for Toyzen, but what Luke didn't know was that Toyzen was using the toys' design as a weapon to take over cities that aren't conquered by the Demon Empire.
After joining Nathan, he assisted him in helping Serena Thorne get her inheritance back and save Dimitri Stone after he was kidnapped by Doctor Webster which also go them joining Nathan in the process.

Wilder ArcEdit

When the Demon Empire invades Rebel City; Luke exterminated the plant and snake monsters that were attacking on the ground.
Aviva was about to kill Nathan and Luke, until her lost memories convinced her she was (Nathan's lost childhood friend) Winona Dove and took Luke away so Nathan can fight Wilder without much worries.
When Luke woke up, he saw Winona around him and thought he was captured, but the latter explained to Luke that Nathan managed to awaken her memories and is now on their side. They were found in the forest by Specter, Rachel Legend (Nathan's sister), and Winston.
When they returned to Rebel City,

Carnage City ArcEdit

After Wolfe Savage decided to join Nathan's team, Rachel had gotten a letter convincing that her brother, Andrew Legend, was at Carnage City. She took Luke, Dimitri, and Serena for some protection.

Training Islands ArcEdit

Mysterious Ruins ArcEdit

Neo-Rebel City ArcEdit

War ArcEdit

After Nathan’s Energy Gauntlets were broken, he managed to repair it to become much stronger than before, but required time before it can be used correctly.

File:Younger Luke

Powers and Abilities Edit

Luke learned how to tinker with stuff from his parents and can create inventions from junk. Also with some tinkering he can turn fun toys into dangerous weapons.

File:Luke with his Puddy Blaster

Attack ListEdit

Laser Popgun: was toy guns, but after Luke modified them they became laser guns that can stun anyone.

Net Launcher: a NERF-like gun that was modified to capture a bunch of small enemies or immobolize a big enemy.

Firework Cannon: Luke shoots out some firecracker that can burn multiple targets.

Puddy Blaster: a projectile that'll make anyone or anything that touches it stuck.







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