Majar water tower in Lohana

The city's water tower in 2012

Majar is a city in Aytoga County, in the Dragoonish state of Lohana. It is located in the southern part of the state, and was founded in 1831. The current mayor of Majar is Reuben Flattengraf.


The Majar area was inhabited by the Aytoga tribe of Parkufos before English-speaking settlers came to the area. The first English-speaking settlers arrived in the area in the late 1700s or early 1800s. A settlement was established in 1831 and named "Aytoga Springs". This was the name of the settlement until 1882, when the then-town's name was changed to "Majar", in honor of politician and businessman Robert Majar, and the Town Hall was designated the "Robert H. Majar Town Hall" to show appreciation for his donations toward the renovations to the building.

In 2004, Majar was ranked the seventeenth safest town in Lohana.


Majar is served by National Route 124 and State Route 276. The city gets heavy truck traffic because of its location near Dragoonasag Interstate Route 61. The city was served by the Rourk-Liberty Railroad from 1834 to 1911.

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