Marico County sign

A Marico County welcome sign along National Highway 731

Marico County (pronounced muh-REE-koh) is one of Lohana's seventy-seven counties. Its county seat is Kassper.


Storm damage, Marico County

Damage from the October 2004 Central Lohana storms

Marico County was founded in the mid-1800s. In 1897, adjacent Colex County was formed from parts of Marico and Marvyn Counties. In 1874, the city of Kassper was chosen as the county seat, and Kassper grew to be the county's largest city by 1920. In 2004, a series of severe storms moved through the county and caused wind damage, rain damage, and flooding in parts of the county. Also, a tornado was spotted near the city of Marico. No damage was reported from the tornado.


Marico County lies on fertile land, with rolling hills to the west and south.

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Marico County has a population of about 51,690. Ninety-six percent of the population was born in Dragoonasag. About 98% of the population is able to speak fluent English, and about 29% of the population is able to speak a second language.


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