Mark Allaton

Mark Allaton, January 2013.jpg

Birth name
Mark Ezekiel Allaton
August 6, 1990 (age 29)
Deleokas, Code Island, Dragoonasag
Years active
Barbara Whurtman (2010-present)

Mark Ezekiel Allaton (born August 6, 1990) is a Dragoonish actor best known for his roles in the TV series Affanta, and in the film Runnin' from Prescaderna, in which he played Jason Defoli's son. He has been in front of cameras since 2001.

Early life and family[]

Allaton was born in Deleokas, in the Dragoonasag state of Code Island. He attended elementary school in Deleokas, and then moved with his family to mainland Dragoonasag, settling in Badentown, Madagonia.


Allaton made his acting debut in 2001, being cast as "Edwin Raischardt" in the TV series Affanta. He stayed on the show until 2004, when the show was canceled due to a drop in ratings. He made a guest appearance in a 2005 episode of Almino's Gang as "Hugh Monz".

In film, Allaton first starred in the 2003 film Runnin' from Prescaderna as the son of Jason Defoli's character. The following year, he played high school student "Brian Mizzinni" in the film Naguro High. He starred in the 2006 film Ed Eezel's Great Day as "Ed Eezel". In 2010, Allaton made guest appearances on the TV series XA-79, and joined the show's cast later that year. He stayed on the show until its end in May 2011.

Personal life[]

Allaton announced his engagement to actress Barbara Whurtman, daughter of legendary actor John Frouth Whurtman, on April 1, 2010, and he married her in August[1].



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