Mark Chratton

Chratton facepic

Birth Name
Mark Chad Chratton
1962 (age 56-57)
Years Active

Mark Chad Chratton (born in 1962) is an American actor. His film roles include Weslee Hills, Tom Cheuter in Riches Mean Nothing, and Christmas for the Brimm Family.


Chratton was born in the year 1962. He did not show any interest in acting until he was thirteen. He played football for three years in high school, and was in the band during his senior year. He told his high-school football coach that if his acting career did not go well, he would pursue a career in professional football.


Chratton made his big-screen debut in 1991, landing the titular role in the film Joe Froutzer. The film was a success, and he went on to star in such films as 1993's Weslee Hills and 2006's Sanira, in which he played husband to Veronica Whyte. He also made guest appearances on the sitcom The Jordsons, the TV series Northton, and the animated TV series The Year 7000.


Personal LifeEdit

Chratton is happily married to Joan Doster Chratton. They have three children, John (born in 1988), Grace (born in 1992), and Paul (born in 1996). Chratton spends his spare time playing football with his two sons, fencing, and being out and about.