Mark Dolan is a protagonist of the anime-influenced animation, Creature Planet.


File:Mark Dolan's head


Birthday::April 5

Home::Rebel City

Hair Color::Brown

Eye Color::Blue

Voice Actor::A

Debut::Episode 1



Powers::pickpocketing, affect speed of others

History Edit

Mark had been friends with Nathan Legend sometime after the invasion from the Demon Empire.

Young Mark

Plot Overview Edit

Becoming a Hero ArcEdit

Mark was cowardly

Wilder ArcEdit

Mark was one of the hundred people that was kidnapped by the forces of Professor Wilder. Even though Nathan managed to defeat Professor Wilder, Mark was already transported to another Demon Empire Laboratory.

Forming his own teamEdit

While at another fortress, he was spliced with some DNA that gave him the ability

Training Islands ArcEdit

Nathan and his friends were taken to the Training Islands in order to take on stronger enemies. Without knowing that it was Nathan; he and his team fought against him, Winona Dove, and Dimitri Stone.

Mysterious Ruins ArcEdit

In order to find out what happened to Mark, Nathan follows him and his team to the Mysterious Ruins hidden underwater.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Mark is a great pickpocketer when he snatched Mr. Brimstone's keys in front of him without anyone else knowing.
After being experimented from another Demon Empire laboratory, Mark has gained the ability to temporarily affect the speed of others by touching them (slow them down, halt them to a complete stop, or speed them up).

Category: People that affect speed of other people

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