Mark Jordson's Bad Luck

Mark Jordson's Bad Luck

Scott Buchanan Gelch
George Souckenheim
Jack Lees
Jordson Hayes
Antonio Foorheas
Henry Hardbelt
Kyle Kipperstone
John Hyll Pierce
Charlotte Ghaun
Jeanette Charlynn
Holly Joan Mackins
Original run
August 6, 2011 - present

Mark Jordson's Bad Luck is an animated sitcom starring the voices of Scott Buchanan Gelch, George Souckenheim, Jack Lees, and Antonio Foorheas, among others. It first aired on August 6, 2011, and its first season ended in February 2012.


The series evolves around Mark Gerald Jordson and his (mis)adventures in fictional Moorsley, Zinrico.


  • Mark Jordson (voiced by Scott Buchanan Gelch) - Mark is the main character. He is very superstitious, and happens to be a "magnet for bad luck." Mark seems to have the worst luck of any of the show's characters. Mark is a 16-year-old Caucasian boy with blond hair and green eyes. He usually wears a black shirt, blue jeans, and black tennis shoes.
  • Robert "Bob" Jordson (voiced by George Souckenheim) - Bob is Mark's 47-year-old father. Unlike Mark, who does not speak in an accent, Bob speaks with an accent similar to a New Jersey accent. Bob is somewhat sadistic, and enjoys seeing his son in pain. Bob stands at 6'0’’, and is balding; what little hair he has left is black and grey. He has green eyes. He usually wears a black leather jacket, brown pants, and black boots.
  • Rebecca “Becky” Jordson (voiced by Charlotte Ghaun) - Becky is Mark’s mother and Bob’s wife. She was born Rebecca Lynn Haidenstone on April 9, 1965. Unlike her sadistic husband, Becky is kind-hearted and very caring. She stands at 5'5", has long, blonde hair and green eyes, and speaks with a stereotypical East Zinrico dialect. Becky is one of few characters on the show to change outfits often.
  • "Grandpa Mitchell" Jordson (voiced by George Souckenheim) - Mitchell is Mark's paternal grandfather, Bob's father, and Becky's father-in-law. Mitchell states plenty of times that he used to be sadistic like his son, and now chews Bob out after one of Bob's "twisted thrills". Mitchell is about 74 years old, and is completely bald. He has green eyes, and speaks in a stereotypical South Beckar accent, which does not explain his son's accent.
  • "Grandma Hester" Jordson (née Henderson) (voiced by Jeanette Charlynn) - Hester is Mitchell's wife and Bob's mother; thus, she is Mark's grandmother. Hester is 72 years old, and speaks in a South Beckar accent. Long, grey-and-white hair covers her head, and, in episode five, it is revealed that her hair was brown.

Recurring charactersEdit

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