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Example Marlinspike is the capital of Erdmännchen.


Marlinspike was founded in 1741, just after Erdmännchen was founded. It was made to be the capital, as there was the best land in the area, and there was hardly a single city around in that time. There are many large, fancy buildings in the area, many think because the original citizens excepted there to be a kingdom, and wanted it best for royalty. Despite the fact there was never royalty, the buildings are kept, and the Ocean Dome, their capital building, was named by a vote to be the most likely building to stand more then 100 years.


Marlinspike's population started large, because there were hardly any other towns at the time, and grew large, despite citizens leaving to live in other towns, as a quarter of Erdmännchen's population is in Marlinspike. This caused a problem in summer 2006, when a large power outage happened across the country, because of the large demand for power in Marlinspike. Volunteers looked in to ways to prevent incidents like this in the future.


Races in Marlinspike are generally related to the population of immigrants from 1740.

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