Marshall County water tower

The county's water tower

Marshall County is a county in the Dragoonasag state of Lohana. It is located in the state's "Fertile Belt" in Central Lohana. Its county seat is Barcelona.

Name originEdit

Marshall County's name is in honor of Jord S. Marshall, a Dragoonasag Revolutionary war soldier[1]. The city of Marshallsville is also named after him.


Marshall County was created in the 1890s. The county's people agreed on naming the county "Marshall County" in 1896. Marshallsville served as the county seat until 1899, when it was moved south to Barcelona.


Red Eye River, Marshall Co

The Red Eye River in Marshall County, Lohana.

Marshall County's landscape is fertile plains. Part of the county is prone to flooding.

Adjacent countiesEdit

Major routesEdit


Marshall County had a population of about 31,884 during the last census.


  • Barcelona
  • Marshallsville
  • Saturday
  • Summerville

In popular cultureEdit

Marshall County was mentioned in the band Lohana's 2006 song "When I'm Done Here". It was also the setting of the 2009 film Weird Events.

In superstitionEdit

Marshall County residents believe that if a person was born in the county on a Friday, he/she cannot easily become addicted to anything. It is also believed that drinking water from the Red Eye River can cure any illness[2]. It is also believed that smoking in front of the County Courthouse will lead to a year of misfortune for each cigarette/cigar smoked while in front of the courthouse.


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