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Martigonia flag

Official name
The 12 Provinces of Martigonia
Trygic Meregoth XII
8,100,000 2006 census
Large Cities
September 24th, 988 A.D.
Major Rivers
Highest Point
Marathon hills, 1,148 feet
Lowest Point
Larrick Bay, -92 feet

Martigonia is a country.

History Edit

See Also:King Trygic XII , Peatroth

In 967 A.D. an ambitious, young man named Neroick, came to lordship in what is now Peatroth, after his father's death. Loyal to the crown of Torchica until new taxation laws were placed. Furious with the new taxation laws, he led a poorly led revolution that only lasted for 3 weeks known as the 3 weeks of shadows. 7 years later in 974 A.D. he convinced 11 of the lords to join the revolution against Torchica in a 14 year struggle against Torchica. In 988 A.D Martigonia gained its independence as the kingdom of Martigonia. 2 years after the independence of Martigonia Neroick (now king Neroick) died of smallpox. Immediately after the death of king Neroick the kingdom of Martigonia fell apart and became the 12 kingdoms of Martigonia. For the next 300 years these 12 kingdoms battled it out but in 1292 A.D., the leader of the kingdom of Marathon in what is now the Marathon hills, named Trygic Meregoth I, gathered an army of 50,000 infantry and one by one these kingdoms fell and, finally, in 1312 A.D., he united all 12 kingdoms. after Trygics in 1351 death his son Trygic II took the throne at age 15 he was not as wise his father.

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