Mattania is a world in the galaxy of Radania. An average Mattanian is about 5 feet tall and not very wide. The females have pink skin and the males have orange skin. Mattania is a hot place with lots of beaches. To live in Mattania, you must first travel to the planet Xeera, pick one of the many nerdflowers that grow there and bring it back to Mattania. Then you have to travel to Earth, get a paper shredder, bring it back to Mattania, shred the nerdflower, take the pieces to the flower mill, and go to the Mattanian chief. He will interview you and if you get all of the very easy questions wrong, then you get your skin dyed and get to live there. The population of Mattania is 1,000,000,000,000 Mattanians.

Dedicated to my aunt's boyfriend, Matt.