Melissa Walboard

Melissa Walboard in June 2009

Melissa Sarah Walboard (better known as Melissa Walboard and born Melissa Sarah Kalgarron on 5 June 1993) is an actress best known for playing Emily Brimm in Christmas for the Brimm Family. She is the adopted daughter of actor Gabe Henry Walboard.

Early lifeEdit

Walboard was born on June 5, 1993, to Philip and Sarah Kalgarron. Both of her birth parents died in an automobile accident in 1997, when Melissa was four. She was adopted by actor Gabe Henry Walboard, who was a close friend to her father. Walboard attended public school with actors Jord Salleys and Martin Brixley. In 2004, she was taken out of public school and homeschooled, due to classmates teasing her[1].


Walboard began acting in 2003, when she appeared in the film Mak Brimmer's Crew as Yvonne Brimmer. She went on to make guest appearances on television series such as Hangin' Out with Petey (2004), The Jordsons (2006), Parkstown (2009), and more recently, The Life in Phillipsburg (2010). Her most notable role as of yet came in 2005, when she was cast in the film Christmas for the Brimm Family.



TV show Year Role Notes
Hangin' Out with Petey 2004 Erin Karth Guest role
The Jordsons 2006 Bethany Gerch Guest role
Parkstown 2009 Felicia Berros Guest role
Voice-only role
The Life in Phillipsburg 2010 Annie Kintock Guest role


Film Year Role
Mak Brimmer's Crew 2003 Yvonne Brimmer
Christmas for the Brimm Family 2005 Emily Brimm


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