Mercitilli County scene 001

A rural scene near Ebelton

Mercitilli County (pronunciation: muhr-SIT-ih-lee) is a county in the Dragoonasag state of Salviana. Its name is said to have been derived from the Parkufo word for "the middle". Its county seat is Pundiack.


Mercitilli County was founded in 1874 by Clok settler James Fellonis Markson and his wife. The Marksons settled there and started a family. For years, the county held the title of "Most Rural County in Salviana". In 1932, more people moved to the county and started building cities and towns. In 1940, the Cloks were forced out of the cities and into rural areas of the county.


Mercitilli County is located in Middle Salviana, in a region of the state called "Clok Country". The county is mountainous in the north, while the south lies in the Ventzine Hills.

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Mercitilli County had a population of about 22,034 during the last census. The racial make-up was as follows.

Racial Make-up of Mercitilli County's Population[1]
Race Percentage Notes
Caucasian 81.0
African 7.1
Hispanic 7.3
Other 4.6

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