Michael Jordson

Michael Jordson

Full name
Michael Kenneth Jordson
Around 18 or 19
Anthony Jordson (father)
John Jordson (brother)
Mae Jordson (grandmother)
Charles Jordson (grandfather, deceased)
First appearance
Last appearance
"Off to the West"
Played by

Michael Kenneth Jordson is a character from the sitcom The Jordsons, played by actor Kevin Smiley.


The Jordsons creator/producer Tommy Rilbin came up with the Michael Jordson character while watching a comedy sketch put on by his children[1]. Rilbin admitted in 2008 that Michael's character is a combination of his oldest son and actor Thomas Peylen's character in 2003's Westburgmen. In early planning stages, Rilbin had planned to name the character Kenneth, but, after hearing of actor/singer Kenneth Jordson, he decided that "Kenneth" would be the character's middle name, and that "Michael" would be his first.


Michael Kenneth Jordson was born circa 1988 in Eastville, New York. He lived in Eastville all his life. He lost his mother at the age of six, and was raised by his father Anthony for most of his life.

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