Missionworth County water tower

The water tower of Missionworth County near Missionworth

Missionworth County is one of Lohana's seventy-seven counties. Its county number is 49. The county is named after Dragoonasag Revolution hero George Missionworth. Its county seat, Missionworth, is also named after the war hero.


Missionworth County was created in the early 1820s and was part of the Territory of Chaumaria and the Cutra Territory before becoming part of Lohana in 1989. Missionworth has served as its county seat since the 1820s.


Missionworth County is located in Central Lohana.

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Missionworth County had a population of 21,001 during the last census.

Racial make-up of Missionworth County, Lohana in 2008[1]
Race Percentage Notes
Caucasian 84.9
African 4.2
Hispanic 2.4
Parkufo 3.0
Other 5.5

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